VOCO - Soul 1: 16

Fri, 04th May 2:43 PM, 2012 in Soul 1: You don't know Evil
Soul 1: 16
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Author Notes:

DS Fri, 04th May 2:43 PM, 2012 edit delete
Sorry for the long wait! This has been sitting on my hard drive for ages @.@ Hopefully I'm able to pick up the pace now that I'm not being commissioned for periodical publication.

Thank you to the new subscribers/readers for bearing with me ;A;


Doomy Fri, 04th May 2:55 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
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Ahh welcome back!

And haha... terrible cooking.
I wonder if they can stomach it all? xD;
DS Fri, 04th May 9:03 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
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Ohoho thank you!

Well...it's not like they have a choice 8D Or is there?

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