• Who is DS/Evinid?
    DS, also known as Evinid, Anire, D and not too long ago, Divine Star. Honestly, I have way too many names to list down. For easiness's sake, I prefer DS. English isn't my native so if I blabber nonsense, please ignore it.

  • What is this comic about?
    The word 'voco' is a latin word, meaning 'voice' as a noun and also 'to call', 'summon' and 'name invite' as a verb. The context of 'voco' in this story is summoning, being this comic talks about souls, I think you can already guess why. It's interesting that it also means 'voice' as it may mean voice of the summoned souls. See what I did there? 8D

    In general this comic is about the epic battle of Good vs Evil. It's cliche` and done so many times. Boring stuff. Okay, seriously, this is a horrible story; lots of fights, blood, death, nudity, sex, bad jokes, angst, manly women and pretty dudes. Yes, of course I can do all that, I own this comic >8|

    Now if you want to know all the juicy stuff, read it. If you're a minor, I suggest you bail right now because this comic is past your bedtime.

  • Why is this comic tagged mature?
    Refer to above answer then proceed to find a wall nearby to slam your head against. Don't go far, you still need to go through this FAQ.

  • How do you do your comics?
    That depends on which comic you refer to. To be honest I never tried making a fully coloured comic without a team before. Given the choice, I rather work in B/W. But the point of this webcomic is to challenge and improve myself. Since I've been neglecting my colouring skill, this will be my practice.

    Technical stuff - I draw with 0.5 2B mechanical pencil and ink with pigment inking pen. I prefer traditional ways for my sketch and lineart. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3  with Wacom Graphire 3 to colour and edit them, occasionally dabble with Google Sketchup when I'm too lazy to draw architectures. Backgrounds and architectures aren't my stongest points but this will challenge me to be better.

  • When will you update?
    Is this a trick question? I can't guarantee I will update regularly, at least not with actual comic pages. I spend 2-3 days to like what I draw. A full colour comic page usually takes me 4 days to finish on a good mood. If not, I'll end up spamming with doodles and crap author note. But then again, I can't guarantee on the spam either, however appealing that may sound.

    Reason is, I'm working on several other comic at the same time so frequent updates will be tough because so far, I'm doing all the work by myself. I will try my best to keep up. But feel free to whine and complain if I haven't update in a while, always love a response from the audience 83

    Maybe one day I will finally sort things out and this comic will have a steady update schedule! 8D So little faith in this...

  • I subscribed to you! Subscribe to my comics?
    To be completely honest, I don't follow a lot of comics. Even those I subbed to gets a check once a month or longer - I'm really awful at keeping track of things. So if you follow me, don't feel obligated to check or comment often. I may not subscribe to your comics but I will sometimes pop in to say hi when I have something to say :3

  • Where are your other work?
    You can find almost everything on my website. Although, for security purposes, my artblogs are members-only and password-protected. Bad experience with art thieves.

  • I like your characters, may I use them for my comics?
    In short, NO.

    In friendlier term, you MAY use them as cameo (poster on wall, costume, etc)  but not the characters themselves. You MAY NOT use my original characters as your constant supporting characters unless we agree on collaborations or guest posts. If you really, REALLY must use my original characters but not in a sugary, rainbowy, author-to-author's good, collaborative nature,  then I suggest you try your hand at designing your own attractive character. It's a fun process and oh-so very rewarding.

    As cameo, I expect proper credit to be given, or else no one will know it's not yours a.k.a. sneaky way in claiming ownership. If you plan to send me fanarts, then feel free to. I'll even make a page dedicated to your hard effort in appreciation.

  • Will you draw my characters?
    That depends if we're best buds *squinty eyes* and if I like you-I mean, your pretty characters :3

    If you're looking for a commission though, the info you need to know is here.

  • Shall I humour you with a trade?
    I don't do art trades due to lack of time and enthusiasm in such thing. But if you must do it, bear in mind I may not respond. I'm not being ungrateful or mean, I just don't have the time to spare >x<

  • I like your art/story/design. Let's collab!
    You must prove to me how our minds can synch in perfect harmony. I may be forced to agree if you're made of awesome and I can't possibly physically or mentally deny your awesomeness. I have a few friends made of raw awesomeness, I wish they would collab with me ;A;

  • Can I link to you (in hopes to be awesome enough so I get to request one of the above) ?
    Haha, you're funny. Although if you would like to link to this webcomic, that's very kind of you. In return, you can send me yours so I'll have something to put on my affiliate page.

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  • My question isn't listed. Where can I contact you?
    You can PM me here or drop me an e-mail if it itches that badly. I'll update this FAQ if your point makes sense. Or better yet, ask me here or here. Come on, 4 ways of communication there, can't miss THAT much.